LCO# 4828 and 5159    Contractors Licence# 961725

telephone entry/ Intercom/ Buzzer Systems

Have a business that's not open to the public or doesn't have every day store front? Or perhaps there are many valuables that you want restricted access to your place of business. With an intercom/buzzer system installed by A-PRO SECURITY SERVICES INC you can hear and or see the person requesting entry prior to granting it. We can incorporate an intercom system with a control device to control door latches so you may buzz your guest in once you have decided they're welcomed. Take the worry and guess out of whose knocking before opening the door.

With an Access Control System. . .

You determine who may enter and exit, when they may enter and exit, as well as where they may enter and exit. Do you have restricted areas in your place of business that you may not have total control over? Are there areas in which only a few authorized may enter due to the delicate information or records which need protecting? With an access control system you have the ability to limit the authorized entry to restricted areas. A-PRO SECURITY SERVICES INC offers programmable fobs, key cards, and other reader choices you can choose from to eliminate the hassle of worrying if anyone is making unapproved  keys duplications. You can even put these systems on the entry of your business and keep track of employee tardiness! The possibilities are endless.

Want To know whats happening Even When you're not Around?

With Close Circuit Television (CCTV) that is all possible! Having a theft problem? Maybe some reoccurring vandalism? Or just going out of town and want to see if things at work are getting along without you? We can't watch everything at once.  . .or can we? At A-PRO SECURITY SERVICES INC  we have a variety of CCTV selections which you can chose from to meet your surveillance needs. 

Is Your Place Of Business is Secure?


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