LCO# 4828 and 5159    Contractors Licence# 961725

MUl-t-lock cliq

Intuitive software programs, loaded on standard PCs, enable organizations to manage their dynamic security needs through easily accessible interfaces. You can grant or cancel user access, eliminate keys from the network, and designate times of access for every member of your enterprise quickly and efficiently

• A separate exterior Programming Device (PD), serves as a link between the

information stored in the PC and all of the keys and cylinders in the system.

Since the PD doesn’t store the data it receives, there is no chance of compromising the system.

• A Control Key, which facilitates simple and intuitive maintenance throughout

the entire locking system, is inserted into the PD and recognized for authenticity.

It then uploads all of the latest data generated in the various software

programs concerning each individual cylinder and key in the network.

• Security Personnel can now insert the Control Key in every lock in the network

and download the data into the cylinder’s memory.

• The Control Key also retrieves Audit Trails from the cylinders, so that precise

data concerning every interaction between a lock and key is readily accessible at all times.


Below are some of our preferred security options and some of our current ongoing specials!

MUl-T-Lock Interactive +

• Increase Security Effectiveness — a telescopic pin tumbler mechanism requires the simultaneous alignment of both internal and external shear lines for plug rotation.
• Enhance Intrusion Protection — the Interactive+ key system is designed for high resistance to pick, drill and bumping attempts. 
• Limit Key Duplication — control over production, availability limited to trained and authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers and patented features in the key together provide greater protection against key duplication.
​• Protect Your Investment — with backwards compatibility, Interactive+ works with existing Interactive systems allowing you to migrate to the latest platform at your own pace